Cuban Doll has never been one to shy away from confronting beef head-on. At the top of the year, she and King Von's sister got into a physical altercation after previously beefing on Twitter. It's unclear where exactly their beef stemmed from, but the fact that they were ready to throw actual hands says a lot.  

Timothy Norris/Getty Images for for Universal Music Group 

She recently began dating Louisiana native JayDaYoungan, but the new relationship hasn't been without its own fair share of drama already. Previously, his ex-girlfriend Jordan B had shared footage of herself damaging Cuban's items on her social media. New footage shared by the rapper shows she's returning the favor. 

Cuban took to Twitter to share a video of herself vandalizing Jordan's items. "This how you violate a b*tch forreal," Cuban can be heard saying in the video. Tons of what is presumably her items fill an outdoor swimming pool filled drowning in water and only-God-knows what else. 

Cuban continues to spray ketchup, barbeque sauce, and other condiments on the bundles of hair, underwear, and clothes as she takes the video. "Hahaha GET BACK GANG !" she captioned the video. 

As mentioned before, the cruel act was in retaliation to Jordan doing the same thing to Cuban, albeit on a much smaller scale. Why these two are beefing exactly remains a mystery, but hopefully, they can reconcile before more serious damage is done.