Kash Doll, Asian Doll, Cuban Doll and Dream Doll may have similar names, but their styles, looks and personas are notably different. While Kash Doll has been on the rap game’s radar for a while, Asian, Cuban and Dream are coming through to make a name for themselves. Whether people are happy about the new school female rap or not, these women are exemplifying some real girl power.

Mixing their doll-esque facade with their hardcore lyrics to create an image people seem to love, they’re gaining a wide bit of attention. We’re making this ‘Guide to the Dolls’, to get you caught up on who these female rappers are.


The Detroit native has been making her way in the rap game since 2016. With a flow different from the other Dolls, Kash has always stayed in her own lane musically, not conforming to the ever-changing rap landscape. That’s not to say she hasn’t shown versatility, but her music remains authentic to her particular sound. She may keep it cute on Instagram but don’t let the pretty face distract you from the musical rawness.

She can slow it down with storytelling over piano chords on “For Everybody,” while keeping the same flow as collaborations like “So Good” feat. Big Sean. And while she definitely shines on slower beats, Kash will occasionally come through with a hardcore, aggressive vibe, like on “Here I Go.”

Songs: “For Everybody,” “Here I Go.”


Dallas, Texas rapper Asian Doll recently signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 label, but she’s been shining way before the deal. While her style is definitely more hardcore than fellow Dolls Kash and Dream, Asian remains versatile, introducing melodic components to her recent tracks, like on the PNB Rock assisted “Poppin.”

Dropping six projects and accompanying Bhad Bhabie on her “Bhanned in the USA” Tour, Asian Doll is working hard on perfecting her craft. Not only that, but she’s intent on becoming “Queen of the Teens,” as she describes herself in her Instagram bio.

Songs: “Lame N***z,” “Poppin”


Cuban Doll, also known as Cuban Savage, is a Dallas native with a hardcore flow. Influenced by Chicago legend Chief Keef, Cuban brings an appropriately savage trap flow to her tracks. She initially gained social media fame as an Instagram model, and only started releasing music last year.

Releasing two projects and thirty-five songs in 2017, Cuban is living up to her “savage” name, while also remaining the doll-esque girly-girl on the Gram. Her west-coast-inspired flow is shown throughout her breakout song “Bankrupt,” which currently has about 4.5 million views on YouTube. Cuban may very well be here to stay.

Songs: “Bankrupt,” “Let it Blow”


Despite possibly being the most recent addition to the dollhouse, Dream Doll isn’t exactly new to the entertainment world. The Bronx native has been on both The Bad Girls Club and Love and Hip Hop: New York. Co-signed by DJ Self’s “Gwinnin Entertainment,” Dream has recently enjoyed a respectable rise, with her popular song “Everything Nice” hitting 3 million streams on Spotify.

Her recent EP Life Is Plastic 2 was released on Sept. 9th, 2018. Dream certainly lives in plastic and lets it show throughout her music, bringing forth fun and bubbly sound. Considering her relatively young career in the game, Dream has shown she can hold her own alongside her contemporaries, Doll or otherwise.

Songs: “Talk to me Nice”. “Pull Up”