Chicago rapper, CupcaKke, is known primarily for her versatile rapping and her raunchy music videos, but it appears that she's also a generous gift giver as well.

On Twitter today, CupcakKe announced two exciting pieces of news for her fans. The first was that the music video for her new single, "Quiz," would be coming out next Tuesday. The second, and much stranger, bit of news was that she bought 100,000 wigs to celebrate the occasion, and she plans to give them away to the viewers.

In the tweet, she wrote, "Bought 100k wigs for the first 100k viewers , of quiz video this Tuesday ðŸ˜© THIS IS NOTHING LIKE NO VIDEO I EVER DONE , THIS IS GRAMMY WORTHY."

The last three Grammy awards for best music video have been won by Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift, so she's got some big competition when it comes to her ambitions, but she seems confident nonetheless.

As for how she plans on getting the wigs to her fans is anybody's guess, but one could assume that she and her team have figured something out. Even if you're not a fan of CupcakKe, are you really going to say no to a free wig? IT'S FREE.

That wasn't the end of CupcakKe's giving mood it seems. She also noticed a fan who mentioned they had the same birthday, and offered to take them to the mall and drop 10 racks on them for free. How many rappers do you know that treat their fans as nice?