It all seems like trolling on the part of cupcakKe, but still, the rapper's antics received attention. There was a bit of confusion over on Twitter recently after a 2012 tweet from Tyler, The Creator popped up on the social media platform. New life has been breathed into Tyler's message, "Soap In My D*ck And It Burns Like F*ck," after rapper cupcakKe retweeted the years-old post with a note that suggested she believed that her fellow rapper was Tyler Perry. 

"This is why I don't watch Tyler Perry," wrote cupcakKe in a quoted tweet. It would seem impossible to not know who Tyler, The Creator is while simultaneously being a rapper in the industry as the songwriter, producer, visual artist, and festival host has amassed a number of awards, including a Grammy last year after IGOR took home Best Rap Album.

The public was quick to correct cupcakKe and she returned with another tweet. "This n*gga change his name to 'Tyler the creator' n*gga them movies are ass keep it at Tyler perry." Still, some were convinced that she was just trolling, but when someone told her it's not the right person, she apologized.

"I ok sorry I'm deleting I didn't kn," cupcakKe replied. That didn't stop the reactions from pouring in. Check out cupcakKe's tweet and more below.