CupcaKKe Loves Her Some Innuendo In The "Old Town Hoe" Music Video

Devin Ch
May 12, 2019 12:22

Lil Nas X isn't the only pariah in town.

CupcakKe's unapologetic remix of "Old Town Road" is now a music video. Her sex-positive account of the Lil Nas X song is made all the more captivating by her use of corn on the cob as a phallic instrument. No Livestock was harmed in any way during the shoot. CupcakKe and her backup dancers make do with a trio of miniature fuzzies, thereby shielding themselves from a PETA counteroffensive.

Unsurprisingly, CupcakKe's support team shares in her affinity for the phallic crop-turned-prop. In the middle section of the video, they find an unclaimed "water bottle" somewhere on the ranch, and proceed to lick it down, as if it were a US postage stamp. In that sense, "Old Town Hoe" is consistent with the approach CupcakKe has always taken up with her content. Furthermore, a parallel does exist between the subversive image she's adopted, and the mantle Lil Nas X stepped into by accident. CupcakKe figured there was room for one more, and in the process, may have cost Lil Nas his pariah status in the country music world.

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