CupcakKe is currently trending on Twitter over the freshly-announced "34+35" remix from Ariana Grande, which she publicly asked to be featured on. Unfortunately, it looks like her request didn't make it to Ariana's desk because the pop star chose to work with Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat instead. The remix comes out tonight, and fans have been urging CupcakKe to still hit the studio to record her own take on the song. She seemingly entertained the option of doing that before turning around and admitting that she wants no smoke with the multi-time platinum-selling artist.

"Just heard 34+35 @ArianaGrande I would love to bless that remix," wrote the raunchy rapper in a since-deleted tweet from this weekend. On Thursday afternoon, the official remix was announced, and CupcakKe was not on the roster. She replied to a fan requesting a diss record about Ariana, saying, "I'm already in the studio, Ariana I'm coming for you sis with my grande coffee in my hand so I can be very woke during this process." It was clear that she was joking, but people still blew it out of proportion, getting CupcakKe's name trending. 

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Her tweets have been removed, and the rapper clarified that she doesn't have any bitterness in her heart toward Ari. "Nah let me stop playing though I love ari, I don't want no smoke," she said. "7 rings out rap my whole discovery [sic]."

Do you think this could lead to a second remix with CupcakKe on it? Or do you think Ariana will just ignore it all?