There's good news for fans of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm; the show has begun shooting its 10th season. The show's renewal was confirmed in December in the aftermath of its successful 9th season, a ten-episode arc in which Larry (in character) barely dodged a Fatwa issued to him by the Ayatollah of Iran. If you didn't see it, now's as good a time as any to make up for lost ground.

When the renewal was announced in December, the show's producer Jeff Schaffer told Entertainment Weekly that many of the early characters that had been written out of the storyline would make a return in the series' 10th season. In true Curb fashion, the cast and crew have begun shooting the first couple of episodes before the entire storyline has even been put into writing or conceptualized. Schaffer did offer caveats for what not to expect.

“Here’s one thing I can tell you that did not happen. Larry wasn’t killed," Schaffer told EW. "He does not come back like in the movie Ghost and make sweet love to Cheryl at a Brentwood Color Me Mine." Technically speaking, barring any foreclosures, Curb Your Enthusiasm has not eclipsed Larry David's other famous project in length, with Seinfeld running for 9 full seasons on network television.