With a new album due out in April, everybody expected Curren$y to lay low after dropping 12 mixtapes in 12 months. Not so. Spitta Andretti just announced Fetti, a joint project with none other than "Scottie Pippen" collaborator Freddie Gibbs

When Spitta asked Gangsta Gibbs whether he was down to work on an EP, the Indiana rapper sent him a video where he's skiing down the slopes somewhere cold.

"Spitta and Gibbs a pistol to ya ribs... Peep how cold he is on the skis tho haha that's commendable," writes Curren$y in the IG video's caption. 

Meanwhile, the Baby Face Killer is coming back strong after a tough year where he faced a legal battle in Austria.

If you want a taste of what their partnership will sound like, Gibbs appeared on "Stash House" on Andretti's recent 12/30 mixtape.

Considering the New Orleans rapper's work ethic, they'll likely release Fetti before the year's end.