The Philadelphia Phillies stopped the baseball world in its tracks yesterday when they announced that they were signing free agent Bryce Harper to a 13-year $330 million contract. Baseball fans were waiting for Harper's eventual signing and the news that he would be going to Philadelphia was earth-shattering. The team's odds to win the World Series went from 18-1 to 12-1 and it appears as though fans of the Phillies are excited to see their newest addition in action. For pitcher and analyst Curt Schilling, he believes the signing was great but in an interview with TMZ Sports, he explained that the Phillies might even go after another big star next season in Mike Trout.

"I believe after next season, Mike Trout goes on the market ... And I can see the Phillies making stupid money offers in that direction as well," Schilling explained. "My god, could you imagine throwing Bryce Harper in right field and Mike Trout in left field?!"

Trout is already considered one of if not the best player in baseball, so the Phillies would definitely be stacked if they could pull that off. Although, Trout won't come cheap as they'd probably have to spend upwards of $400 million just to get him on the roster.

Considering Schilling played for the Phillies for 9 years, it's not surprising he wants to see so many stars on his former team. Schilling most famously helped propel the Boston Red Sox to a championship in 2004.