The Playstation 5 is the most popular gaming console on the planet right now. Although you can purchase one at the store for about $500, scalpers are selling PS5s for upwards of $1,000 online (and people are paying those prices). The search for the system is due to the "shortage" of stock from Sony. The company has been restocking the system as fast as possible, but they keep selling out. And with the ongoing pandemic shutting down electronic stores, it has made the hunt even more difficult for gamers. 

For those more lavish gamers, who have millions to spare, there is a gorgeous custom option that is being offered by Caviar. The catch is, there is only one. You can own a Playstation 5 coated with 20 kilos of 18 karat gold for an unknown price. The seller just has a contact, but like with most lavish things on this planet: if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it. At least that seems to be their motto.

The gold plated sits atop crocodile skin leather, giving the shiny console and interesting texture and contrast. Called the "Golden Rock," this custom Playstation 5 is beautiful. 

Currently, the price of just one kilo of 18 karat gold is sitting at $45,000. With this PS5 rocking 20 kilos, that's almost a million dollars in gold. Then, you add on the $500 price tag for the console itself. And, of course, the buyer will also be paying for the artist's time making the piece, and the rarity of it being the only one made. This means we're most likely looking at a $5-10 million work of gaming art right here.