White people in the US  seem to have a habit of calling upon legal authorities to deal with the most mundane situations involving minorities, especially Black people. In this edition of "I can't seem to mind my business, so let me risk someone else's well being for the sake of my own comfort," Morry Watson, a CVS store manager decided to call the cops on a woman who was attempting to use a coupon. He thought the coupon was invalid so not only did he decide to keep the customer from getting a discount, he also decided to get law enforcement involved. 

The customer had her cell phone camera ready to capture the store's employee making the absurd call. The white man was literally shaking as he held the receiver to his ear. The shaking may have been caused by anger, fear, or maybe even shame. Either way, the dude was obviously shook. His voice was shaking while he gave the details required of him by the operator.

The customer in question had time for the f*ckery. Camilla Hudson even volunteered her name. She straight up told the guy to "tell them I'll be here when they arrive." Now, that's how a lady posts up.