It's a good time for those who are still waiting for CyHi The Prynce to come through with that No Dope On Sundays project, as the GOOD Music rapper seems more active than ever before. Not only has CyHi taken to Twitter to announce that pre-orders for his upcoming album officially kick off on this coming Friday, but The Prynce has also recently delivered a Kanye West assisted single called "Dat Side." And that's not all the CyHi/Kanye news that's been making headlines - CyHi recently revealed that he's keeping some unreleased music from the fabled Yeezus 2, revitalizing some hope for that long-lost album. Suffice it to say, it appears that CyHi is the midst of a promotional swing. 

This morning, the rapper hit up Sway, where he delivered an absolutely murderous freestyle. It's CyHi The Prynce after all, so you know he's going to come through with some excellent lyricism, and he doesn't disappoint on that front. "This shit been second nature since a seventh grader, want the house with an elevator on eleven acres, to grow a lil weed, I like my kale fresh, speaking of kale I just bought a new Kel Tec," raps Cyhi, truly hitting a stride as he continues. "This shit I'm smokin' on is dark magenta, look like Bob Marley picture, young Bobby Fischer," he spits, as Sway laughs gleefully, "it's like I play for the Boston Clippers, cause I done met the plug at so many docks and rivers."

CyHi continues going in for several minutes, switching up the subject matter for a more socially conscious vibe in the process, before concluding with a "No Dope On Sundays, ya'll know what time it is." Be sure to check out this freestyle below, and keep an eye out for all things CyHi The Prynce. What did ya'll think of this?