Even though neither of them was dating Joe Budden at the time, Cyn Santana and Tahiry Jose argued over their relationships with him on Love & Hip Hop. The two women both hold titles as women Budden has proposed marriage to, however, Cyn is also the mother of their son. During their exchanges on the show, Tahiry was reconnecting with her ex as they rebuilt a friendship after all of these years, and that seemed to rub Cyn Santana the wrong way. When the reality series ended, it seemed as if Tahiry and Budden had put their pasts behind them, but recent revelations have caused a line to be drawn in the sand.

Cyn Santana, Joe Budden, Tahiry, Domestic Violence, Love & Hip Hop
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Days ago, Tahiry shared that during her yearslong relationship with Joe Budden, he allegedly abused her. The reality star accused her ex of throwing her down the stairs and breaking her nose, however, Budden responded to the accusations by saying, "You were abusive! You used to beat my ass! You threw sh*t, you hit me, you kicked me, you did a whole bunch of sh*t."

He also vehemently denied that he broke her nose and added, "You are a cancerous, toxic, clout and check chasing liar. You called me when you got into that physical altercation with that gentleman and he punched you in your face and your nose was broken. Why this story is coming up now and how it's related to me exactly, I'm unclear."

Over on Twitter, Cyn Santana didn't directly address the beef transpiring between the father of her child and his ex-girlfriend, but she did drop off a few thoughts. "Block all the noise out," she wrote in a caption to a selfie. In another post, she added,  "There are people on this earth who are completely lost and will try everything in their power to take your light. All that lives in their soul is darkness. Move cautiously."

Someone told Cyn that they admired how she was in her own lane. "Oh Fa sho. Always," Cyn responded. "My business is my businesses my family and my son. Only thing getting this precious divine Libra energy." Check out her tweets below.