The legendary group Cypress Hill have celebrated an extensive legacy, with a discography that includes eight studio albums and countless hit singles. Whether it's "(Rap) Superstar" or "How I Could Just Kill A Man," everybody has heard at least one song from DJ Muggs, B-Real & Sen Dog. In fact, DJ Muggs recently linked up with Meyhem Lauren to deliver the underrated Gems From The Equinox project, which flew largely beneath the radar. Still, the weed-friendly group have never been far from the game, and now, it would appear they're planning a comeback in 2018. Cypress Hill took to Instagram to announce their upcoming album Elephants On Acid, which marks their first release since 2018's Rise Up. 

While the title does conjure up an imaginative, and admittedly terrifying piece of imagery, it's hard to say what kind of sonic direction the group might be taking. If Muggs' recent collaboration with Meyhem is any indication, we might be able to expect a return to the rugged sound, which many feel the game has been sorely lacking. Either way, it's always appreciated to see a legacy act like Cypress Hill continue to release music, and we can all use a little bit of OG wisdom these days. 

Check out the album cover for Elephants On Acid, which is due out in 2018. The group ensures that the album is already finished, so it shouldn't be long before it sees the light of day.