More details and twists continue to emerge from the altercation betweenFrank Ocean and Chris Brown outside a recording studio in L.A.  Recently, Ocean’s manager, who was present for the incident said Brown was trying to “beat the shit out of” Ocean.  Now TMZ has taken a look at the official police documents which reveal that someone called the channel ORANGE singer a “faggot” during the fight, and apparently Breezy even threatened to shoot Frank.   In addition to this, the L.A. County District Attorney is alleging that Brown did not complete his community service, which he was sentenced to after charges for hitting Rihanna. 

In the police report, Ocean says he reached out to shake Chris’ hand, at which time he punched Frank in the face, and then two of Brown’s people jumped him, with one of them throwing the homophobic slur at the Odd Future crooner, and Brown apparently threatened to use a gun saying, “we can bust on you too!” 

Reviewing files, the D.A. is now looking to book Chris Brown for violating his parole as it appears that his community service hours were forged.  Brown was showing up at Tappahannock Children’s Center, which just so happens to be the place that his mother is a director at.  Although a letter was sent from Richmond, V.A., Chief of Police stating that Chris completed over 200 hours of community service, he was actually only monitored on nine or ten of those visits to the Children’s Center. 

The D.A. alleges that since no one was monitoring Brown, and his mother is the director of the Center that there is no “credible, competent or verifiable evidence” that the community service was completed, and refers to the documentation as “at best sloppy...and at worst fraudulent reporting.”  The D.A. is requesting the judge reject Brown’s reported completed hours and have him complete his mandatory community service in L.A. County. 

Frank Ocean still does not plan to press charges against Chris Brown, but these new developments could see the singer face new problems.