D'angelo's last release was his 2000 record Voodoo. The album has been widely agreed upon as a masterpiece in subsequent years, putting extensive pressure on the singer for his long-awaited follow up. There have been many promises over the years, with claims that the album was 90% omplete for at least the last five -- but the most recent announcement is the first very concrete evidence that the album is on its way, and its gonna be REAL soon.

A short trailer appeared on YouTube earlier today, suggesting that the album would be titled Black Messiah. Shortly thereafter, a photo of a poster alluding to a 2014 release popped up, followed by what appeared to be physical copies of the CD posted on Twitter with the tentative release date of December 16th -- otherwise known as next week.

Red Bull Music Academy and Afropunk will be hosting a listening session for Black Messiah this Sunday in New York. When the official release will come is still yet to be confirmed, but its safe to say it should be very soon.

Check out the trailer and photos below.


[Update: New Single "Sugah Daddy" Dropping Tonight]

As we know that Red Bull will be involved in the rollout for D'Angelo's long-awaited Black Messiah, it should come as no surprise that they'll be releasing the album's first single as part of their ongoing "20 Before 15" series. Entitled "Sugah Daddy," the track will arrive on the series' website at 12am PST/3am EST December 14. It will be available for streaming, and the first 1000 downloads will be free. Don't sleep on this one, guys.