Netflix debuted its hip-hop competition series Rhythm + Flow just over a year ago, but the winner D Smoke is making fast work of the opportunities he was granted. This past week, D Smoke was nominated for two Grammys: best new artist and best rap album. Although there has been a mixed reaction to some of the Grammys' more questionable decisions (think The Weeknd snub), the best rap album category is receiving tons of praise. The selections are uniquely lyrical, and D Smoke was more than honored to be included alongside names like Nas and Royce Da 5'9. 

“I’ve trained myself to not look too far into things until they materialize,” D Smoke told Billboard “I figured if I didn’t raise my expectations too much then there’s no real disappointment to experience. But in doing so, once the news came I was through the roof. Literally, my voice is tired today from all the yelling I’ve been doing.”

The talented rapper also commented on the fact the Grammys largely focused on lyrical albums this year.  “It’s reflective of a need for something more in rap,” he explained. “This is a time for rap that speaks to us at more than a surface level. Having gone through something collectively as a nation, as a world, we’re seasoned differently by our experiences, and so rap that comes from an artist who has substance and knows how to articulate themselves at a higher level, I think it’s a perfect time for best rap album to reflect this type of artist.”