On April 11th, 2006, the hip-hop world was left reeling by the death of Big Proof. A Detroit legend, and the glue that originally held D12 together, Big Proof's legacy continues to be celebrated by his fans and friends alike. Today marks his birthday, and while he's not here to celebrate in the physical form, many of his D12 groupmates have taken to Instagram to commemorate him accordingly. Mr. Porter shared an emotional eulogy, celebrating Proof's wisdom and guidance. "You will remain forever the most incredible human being I ever met," he closes, alongside a picture of his friend. "Love you bro."

Kuniva shared his own homage, writing "My big brother. My homie. My good friend. You ARE the realest in the physical and spiritual. It’s amazing that I can feel your energy almost the same as when you walked with us." He continues, praising Proof's importance as a teacher. "Thank you for instilling in me how valuable I am without the worlds validation. It’s not only your birthday but in a way you helped birth my confidence in becoming the BEST MC I can be. I love you always my brother."

Never one to be overly sentimental, Bizarre opted for a brief yet impactful message. "Happy b day. Dudie," he writes, alongside an image of them rocking the stage. It's a reminder that while D12 may be over, their run was one for the ages. Happy birthday to Proof, the man responsible for conceptualizing the group in the first place. Rest in peace, Derty Harry.