Shayla Stevens has still not been paid her millions of dollars since winning her case after Da Brat smashed a bottle over her head at a club a few years back. The former cheerleader has been trying for months now to have a judge force Da Brat to prove her financial status and why she can't pay, which led the rapper to file for bankruptcy. 

The last we reported on the matter was when Shayla dragged Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri into the case when requesting receipts from both stars to see if they have been financially supporting Da Brat. Shayla wanted proof of anything related to work “(whether compensated or not), including but not limited to her public statement that she has the ability to obtain funds to pay Plaintiff in this case from either Jermaine Dupri or Mariah Carey.”

The Blast is now reporting that Da Brat has denied that her good friends have been financially supporting her and is asking the judge to stop Shayla from combing through her finances. 

Da Brat now owes Shayla $8,155,731 that is the $6 million verdict plus interest.