He may not be worried about losing out on all 12 of his BET Hip Hop Awards nominations last night (October 27), but DaBaby should be concerned with his neighbors. It's being reported that the North Carolina rapper has been a thorn in the side of those who live in the area of Troutman just 35 miles north of Charlotte. According to the Charlotte Ledger, DaBaby has lived on the $2.3 million estate for less than a year, but in that time he's racked up quite a few calls to the authorities.

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The publication states that 31 calls have been placed to the Troutman police "including 14 instances of burglar alarms going off, four noise complaints and at least two domestic arguments." Other calls have been made anonymously from DaBaby's Trump-loving neighbors who have complained about the ongoing construction at the rapper's home. No one has met the rap star, but many have stated that they don't even know who he is. However, local police are familiar with DaBaby after they responded to a call back in January when he and the mother of his two-year-old daughter got into an argument and she reportedly destroyed $10K worth of his clothing. In another incident that was said to have occurred in April, the couple was in a dispute where she kicked in the door to his bedroom when he attempted to hide from her.

There is a concrete wall reportedly erected around the compound that houses newly installed guard towers and security guards armed with firearms sitting in black Cadillac Escalades in from of the estate. There are also reportedly stadium lights that are bothersome to neighbors, as well.

“I understand he’s a nice guy... I’ve seen him on television, but I’ve never met him,” an anonymous neighbor told the outlet. “I don’t think he does any walking around. He’s not social... He bought it to say he had a place to go where nobody’s gonna bother him. Who’s gonna come out here?" It's reported that there are many people, especially high school students, who are well aware of DaBaby's location, so it's not surprising that he's extra cautious.