The blowout that DaBaby and DaniLeigh had over Instagram last week won’t soon be forgotten by the world, but the co-parents are seemingly doing their best to move on from it. Footage from the “Ball If I Want To” rapper’s Instagram shows him relaxing under a palm tree, chatting with followers about eating stingrays, and it looks like his other baby mama, Meme, may be with him.

@its_onsite on IG shared a comparison video of DaBaby’s story beside Meme’s, which also has the same beautiful palm trees in the background. “A place for a playa,” she captioned a video of her snacking on something while wearing oversized sunglasses and listening to “Super High” by Rick Ross, featuring Ne-Yo.

Last night, the 29-year-old hosted an album release party in West Palm Beach for his latest project, Back On My Baby Jesus Sh!t AGAIN. He showed off his drip for the evening in a series of photos and videos, captioned “raise ya hand if you got drunk before the pictures. Too sexy not to show y’all #HappyThanksGiving.”

Meme and DaBaby may not have actually posted any content together, but internet sleuths were able to put two and two together and realize that they spent the holiday together in Florida. Following her baby daddy’s spat with DaniLeigh, the mother of the rapper’s eldest daughter hopped online to share some words of her own.

“Baby, it ain’t fun when the rabbit got the gun,” she said, addressing the “Cravin” artist in a video. “It’s crazy how the motherf*cker was turned, and that’s the moral of the story. It’s backwards for you to ever have a problem with any female he’s involved with, dealing with, you don’t have that right, you get what I’m saying?”

In the clip, Meme also made reference to love spells backfiring, spiritual warfare, and called Dani out on her use of the n-word. See the full video below.