DaBaby found himself in hot water, once again, this weekend when he was seen slapping a woman who appeared to hit him with her phone. Now, this isn't the first time his team has found themselves in the spotlight over assaults at his show but this might be the first time DaBaby was seen throwing hands at a woman. To his defense, he did say that he was unaware that it was a woman and he was blinded by the light before swinging. Issuing an apology on Instagram, it didn't take too long for him to make light of the situation.

Arnold Turner/Getty Images 

Michael Blackson went to Charlotte recently where he ran into DaBaby and was looking for a photo, or atleast that's how it would appear. Sharing a clip to Instagram, Michael Blackson and DaBaby essentially reenacted the incident at the nightclub the other night where a woman put her camera in DaBaby's face. DaBaby might have learned from his mistakes since Michael Blackson left unscathed.

"I just wanted a pic of this grown neega named Da Baby and he tried to kill me smh," Blackson jokingly wrote. "Someone call the Charlotte police."

In related news, Lil Yachty released his new single, "Oprah's Bank Account" which features Drake and DaBaby earlier today. You can check that out right here.