DaBaby & Offset Pig Out With The Blondie "Baby Sitter"

Devin Ch
April 03, 2019 12:12

DaBaby's "Baby Sitter" is the latest song from "Baby on Baby" to get the video nod.

When given the opportunity to go slapstick on a full-time basis, DaBaby wisely chose the middle. His balance of comedy, emphatic tone, and an uncompromising lyrical style wisely illuminates what put him on the radar in the first place. DaBaby spent the brunt of his time on Baby on Baby warning his peers against the philanderous women in his midst.

In the "Baby Sitter" music, DaBaby feeds into the very same narrative, by allowing a wayfaring White male to assume a paternal role over him and Offset.  Fittingly DaBaby plays the infant role associated with his brands. whereas Offset seems all too willing to let the ground he covered on "Father of 4" fall to the wayside, for one night of Fruity Pebbles and debauchery.

The "Baby Sitter" comes loaded with a stylish "closed captioning," in addition to a spreadsheet of junk food ideas. The release of the video coincides almost directly with DaBaby getting the lone charge stemming from the lingering Wal-Mart shooting dropped in succession.

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