Despite some grumblings that haters can't help but voicing, it seems as if DaBaby's rise is going quite nicely. Following the release of his brand new album Blame It On Baby a few weeks back, it would appear that one of the tracks has already emerged as a clear fan-favorite. "Rockstar" with Roddy Ricch continues to rack up streaming numbers, and as of right now it has become the first track on the album to earn a certified RIAA plaque. 

Ser Baffo/Getty Images

Given that both rappers are among the most successful mainstream newcomers in hip-hop right now, it's no wonder that together they'd make for a sales juggernaut. At this point, platinum feels like an inevitability, especially if they're able to somehow connect for a proper video. Given that both parties are likely hunkered down for quarantine, it's not exactly likely -- either way, we're about to find out how much staying power the Blame It On Baby duet has.

A gambler might be inclined to say, at the very least, a reasonable amount. DaBaby alone has already amassed eight additional plaques to his name, three platinum and five gold. True, only one of the three is for a solo release, but it remains a testament to DaBaby's star power all the same. You be the judge, does "Rockstar" have what it takes to carry momentum into the summer months?