It goes without saying that DaBaby and Yo Gotti are in the midst of experiencing an impressive run, with the latter having recently dropped off his Untrapped album at the tail-end of January. Though DaBaby came into the new decade with the hip-hop police in hot pursuit, he has since shaken the fuzz and returned to the task at hand -- making bangers like "Shut Up," the latest solo track we've seen from the North Carolina rapper. 

DaBaby Yo Gotti

Despite the fact that both parties are enjoying the momentum of rap stardom, Yo Gotti and DaBaby have yet to connect on wax. At least, not yet.  A  choice meeting in North Carolina has some fans speculating that a collaboration is inevitable. Early this morning, Baby took to Instagram to share a picture of himself and Gotti having an impromptu meeting of the minds. "Pull up rockin all white like I’m Gotti, put em up like a kite if he try me," captions DaBaby, calling back to his opening bars on Baby On Baby banger "Goin' Baby." If that's not respect, what is? 

Returning the favor, Gotti shared the picture on his own IG page, opting to caption the image with some choice bars from Suge. Naturally, Baby appreciated the shoutout and hit the Untrapped rapper with the "big homie" moniker. While a meeting is only a meeting, a little bit of optimism never hurt anybody. Manifestation and all that -- provided you actually want to see a banger from Gotti and DaBaby. On that note -- do you?