Seems like these days, the minute an album is released, the Deluxe Edition is already in the works. Such has indeed proven to be the case for DaBaby's Blame It On Baby, originally released in April and still holding momentum from the Roddy Ricch-assisted "Rockstar." Inevitable though its arrival may be, DaBaby appears as excited for this one as he has been about any album, promising ten brand new songs for his fans. In fact, the North Carolina rapper went so far as to liken it to a different album entirely, leaving us wondering why he's even bothering to call it Blame It On Baby at all.


Ser Baffo/Getty Images

Not only is the album brand spanking new, but it also features a clean cover update to boot. "Don’t tell the label I told you this but it’s not a “Deluxe”’s #ReallyABrandNewAlbum," captions DaBaby, leaving us wondering where the line is even drawn anymore. In fact, Deluxe Editions show no sign of ceasing to run rampant, sparking concerns that it will soon become the norm for artists looking to recoup and or/retain chart dominance. 

For those still eager to sink into a new batch of DaBaby bangers, you won't have to wait much longer. Blame It On Baby Deluxe Edition arrives this coming Tuesday, and it will likely include the new snippet he recently previewed on Instagram. Should you be those growing tired of the whole Deluxe Edition trend, perhaps this piece here will hit the spot. On the other hand, it never hurts to have a few new DaBaby hits on rotation -- even if it does come at a cost.