DaBaby has positioned himself strongly in the rap game and he's kept his spot with creative music videos and a consistent flow of new music. People love DaBaby. It's hard not to. He appeals to almost every kind of rap fan. 

People look forward to hearing his new music and watching his video releases so, today, his fans will be counting down the hours until they get to witness his brand new video for "Pick Up" with Quavo.

The song, which was released as part of the BLAME IT ON BABY album, will officially be granted its own video as per DaBaby's announcement on social media.

"8PM TONIGHT," he wrote on Instagram, sharing a preview of what we can expect.

Directed by his go-to group the Reel Goats, the Charlotte native looks to be making another movie with a clear plot and special effects to keep us enthralled. He even becomes an astronaut, putting on his spacesuit and taking flight to land right in his natural habitat, up there with all the other stars.

The video will be out later tonight. Are you turning on notifications for DaBaby's YouTube page to be among the first to watch it?

DaBaby was recently a highlight on the MTV VMAs this weekend, performing and making a statement about the protests.