DaBaby is turning out to be more of a polarizing figure than initially suspected. While at first he was always seen with a wide grin on his face, performing random acts of kindness for fans, as of late, he's been making headlines for all sorts of unfavorable reasons. In December, he was accused of attacking an airport food stall employee, but the charges ended up being dropped. Now, we have video evidence of another airport altercation between DaBaby and a stranger, although this time, it was a very minor non-violent one. 

In a video captured from his Instagram Story, the Charlotte rapper is being chauffeured around an airport on a motorized cart, which has become a common occurrence both on his feed and on our screens. He was just trying to live his best life, jovially talking to the camera as he counts his fat stack of cash. However, his peace was disturbed by some woman who kept shouting things at him. It's hard to make out everything she said in the video, but DaBaby repeatedly tries to shoo her off so he can get back to giving his followers a peak at his Gucci socks. He probably felt tempted to play his new song, "Shut Up", for the woman. At one point, she is heard telling DaBaby that she doesn't know his name, to which replies, "I didn't ask you if you know my name." When she continues with her pestering, he reasserts, "I keep telling you. You're talking a little bit too much." See, just some harmless bickering.

On a more serious note, DaBaby's baby mama exposed him yesterday for getting another woman pregnant. He has since responded by pointing out that, while he does have a baby on the way with said woman, he was not in a committed relationship with his baby mama at the time.