DaBaby has been toying with B. Simone's emotions for months. Is he emotionally invested or is he just playing with her feelings? Nobody really knew for sure. B. Simone was DaBaby's co-star in one of his recent music videos and, in a preview for the new episode of Wild 'N Out, the two were seen being extra flirtatious

Nick Cannon ended up leaving the fans with a massive cliffhanger in his final promotion for the episode, posting a video of DaBaby getting down on one knee for a random woman before B. Simone flips out on him, causing him to actually give her the ring. Unfortunately for Simone, things didn't play out exactly as planned.

DaBaby B. Simone
Arnold Turner/Getty Images

After she interrupted the proposal, DaBaby turned around and got down on one knee for B. Simone, seemingly getting ready to pop the question. He held her hand before looking her in the eyes and asking the rapper to tie his shoes for him. 

"Alright, anything you want," she says before Baby completely dubs her. 

"Aight, appreciate you," he adds before walking away to a screaming B. Simone. Sometimes, you don't get the fairy tale ending that you were hoping for.

Watch the hilarious moment from last night's show below. Do you think DaBaby will give B. Simone another chance?