If there's one thing that people love to criticize DaBaby about, it's his flow. While he has developed a signature sound -- which is something that plenty of up-and-coming artists are lacking -- he has proven to be comfortable within that realm, not too interested in stepping out beyond that zone. That doesn't mean he can't try out new flows here and there though, which he just did on Instagram.

As we seemingly gear up for DaBaby season to commence yet again, the North Carolina rapper has officially debuted his new sound, stepping away from what we know (and love) him for.

"Safe for you to say that I’m a hoe," raps Billboard Baby on the track, using that as his caption and beginning the hype train for this single.

As previously noted, this is different than what we've grown accustomed to from Baby. It sounds fire though and, just like his fans in the comments, we can't wait for this one to drop.

If you truly can't wait for new music from DaBaby, who has stood tall at the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks with "ROCKSTAR," then you can check out his freshly-released new single "NO DRIBBLE" with Stunna 4 Vegas.

DaBaby new flow
Brad Barket/Getty Images

What do you think of his flow here?