Charlotte rapper DaBaby is one of the biggest artists in the world right now, enjoying tremendous success after hustling for years on the underground circuit. With his fame growing very rapidly, so have his controversies. The recording artist has a considerable track record when it comes to rumblings of assault, robbery, and more. Thankfully, nothing has been bad enough to ruin the course of his career thus far but, if things continue to pile up, there is no question that he will find himself in further trouble. That happened again this weekend after DaBaby was booed out of a concert venue after he struck a woman in the face, claiming he did so out of self-defense.

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Fans of the North Carolina figure are unsure of how to proceed with their support of the rapper, who has consistently been getting himself into very risky situations. This was the final straw for some, while others are ready to give him another shot.

After this weekend's incident, memes are blowing up on social media, referencing DaBaby's potential conversation with his lawyer, the woman he slapped going to pick up a fat check, and even more madness. Are you torn about supporting the rapper or does this leave you unfazed? Let us know in the comments.