Their relationship may confuse the public, but DaBaby continues to show love to the mother of his daughter. MeMe has made a few headlines recently after beefing with DaniLeigh online. There were rumors that DaBaby and the Def Jam artist were canoodling for a while as photos of the two holding hands and such appeared throughout social media. Then, verbal jabs flew as DaniLeigh and MeMe traded insults on Twitter, with each woman accusing the other of being obsessed. It's said that whatever was going on between DaBaby and DaniLeigh is now over, and on Tuesday (August 25), the KIRK rapper showed MeMe a little playful love on Twitter.

"Some people show their love by being crazy as hell, I’m talkin crazy crazy. My daughter’s mother Mariah, is one of those people. 🤦🏾‍♂️," said DaBaby. "I love you too .🖤 ..crazy MF Now stfu texting me, I’m in a meeting." He then added, "And tell my baby I’m taking that iPad back if she keep missing my FaceTime calls."

Some people believed that he was making a point by being so openly flirtatious with his ex while others suggested that they just get back together. Check out the rapper's tweets below.