A day after the music industry, and others, came together in support of Black voices around the world, things are slowly resuming to the normal type of social media fodder after an influx of black squares.

DaBaby has shared already shared his perspective and personal experiences when it comes to dealing with racist law enforcement, "I’m a real life victim of racism & police brutality. 95% of the people yapping on the net aint never been beat up by the police & charged w/ some shit they ain’t even do, I HAVE," he shared a few days ago on twitter. He continued later, "If niggas knew better they would know it ain’t just the police, it’s fuck da LAW period. The whole system. Shit been corrupted, and a lot of us really victims of it, shit I got cases open RIGHT NOW. Stay focused w/ your fight, out smart em."

Now, with a seemingly innocuous post sharing a bag of Chic-Fil-A takeout, the rapper's mentions have been flooded with criticism, causing him to respond. Among the responses to the video, users tweeted:

"Damn I ain’t know niggas couldn’t eat chic fila during the protests," he said in response to the backlash, with a cry-laughing emoji. "Y’all be bored as hell on this bitch huh ?" he asked, before confirming his exit from the social media platform.