When you're famous, there are always going to be people who want to bring you down, even if they don't know you personally. Weirdos exist all over the globe and it's a fact of life that many in the public eye have had to unjustly deal with. Rapper DaBaby knows this fact all too well as he has certainly dealt with some odd situations in the past. With this experience in mind, DaBaby was able to remain cool, calm, and collected this past weekend, as a random man began to snitch on him, despite doing nothing but driving his car.

In the clip below, DaBaby can be seen in his car where he is listening to music. Eventually, he begins to film a random man who is filming him from the sidewalk. The man eventually walks up the street to a police car. DaBaby comments on how he believes the man is the police, and as he drives by the man and the cop car, the man continues to film with his phone.

Many fans were confused by the whole ordeal as it is still ambiguous as to what the man was filming for. While it could have been a fan trying to get a glimpse of the artist, it's clear that the inclusion of the cops means something mildly nefarious was going on. Either way, DaBaby didn't seem too worried about it all, and he eventually drove away unscathed.

Hopefully, stuff like this begins to subside as quarantine boredom eventually fades away. Needless to say, we're glad DaBaby is okay and nothing came of it.


Brad Barket/Getty Images for 105.1