When DaBaby was brought in for interrogation after an alleged robbery in Miami, he was clearly not impressed with how law enforcement handled the case.

That much is clear in the interrogation video that was just released, which shows the rapper at the police station speaking to a couple of officers about the incident.

At the beginning of this year, the multi-platinum superstar was accused of jumping a man and robbing him, alongside his team. They also allegedly doused him in apple juice before leaving. During Baby's interrogation, he continually denies his role in the alleged robbery, laughing at how the cops were treating the situation.

Prior to his questioning, the artist is seen getting into the elevator when he asks an officer what his motive would be for robbing a man. 

Arnold Turner/Getty Images

"Take one look at me and tell me if I'm robbing anything," said DaBaby before getting in, referring to his chains and designer clothes. "I'm on the fucking Forbes list, my n***a. The Forbes list! Robbery? [laughs]"

As they walk to the interrogation room, DaBaby joked about the Christmas tree that was still up in the office, despite the holiday happening the week prior.

"They lazy too, they ain't even take they damn Christmas tree down," he says, annoyed. 

The entire video is about forty-five minutes long, showing the entire process, with DaBaby clearly not feeling it. Watch below.