SpottemGottem's "Beat Box" is arguably the hottest record out right now. It's been climbing up the charts, thanks to the success of its viral Junebug Challenge and its subsequent remix with Pooh Shiesty. People like Kevin Hart, Saweetie, and more have taken the challenge to new heights while a few of hip-hop's top guys tackle the production.

The latest being DaBaby who initially previewed a remix to "Beat Box" on Instagram Live before unleashing the music video and song the day after. DaBaby snaps on the record, tearing the beat up with punchlines and slick flows over the course of two minutes. However, it's DaBaby and there are not too many things that he's willing to hold his tongue about. For example, he gave Spottem Gottem a shout-out but didn't fail to bring up the snitching allegations. "Shout out to Spottem We Gottem/ Even though he a rat but he shot 'em," raps DaBaby on the record. 

The line is mild compared to what people are enraged about today. A clip surfaced on the Internet of one bar in particular from Baby where he seemingly takes aim at YouTube personality, Jojo Siwa. Why? No one knows. As he slides through with a barrage of bars, he refers to Siwa as a bitch which got a few people upset.

"Got a big .45 on decock 
Usin' big words like I'm T.I.
Don't wanna get me started, n***a
Turn me up, n***as gon' see why
N***a, you a bitch, JoJo Siwa (Bitch)"

A few people thought it was funny but DaBaby immediately found himself under fire for this one line in particular. Many thought it was weird that he would go after a 17-year-old while others compared her net worth to his, as well as their heights. According to Google, Jojo Siwa is 5'9" while DaBaby stands at 5'7". 

Check out some of the funniest responses below and check out Baby's "Beat Box" freestyle above.