A new development has emerged in the ongoing legal dispute between DaBaby and concert promoters Nothing To Something ENTertainment. This past summer, Nothing To Something ENTertainment sued DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, for breach of contract and negligence after he bailed on a scheduled performance at Centro Night Club in Lawrence, Massachusetts on May 17 for which he'd already been paid . DaBaby left the venue with his $22K after his security team beat up a fan, who turned out to be the opening act of the show, when he approached the rapper asking for a photo. At the time, the company claimed that as long as DaBaby rescheduled the performance so as to avoid reimbursing the price of the ticket sales, there would be no issues, but the concert was never given a new date, and the concert promoters promptly filed a lawsuit against him for $100,000 in damages. In response, DaBaby filed a countersuit, claiming that he was not provided adequate security at the venue and thus the fan, Donald Saladin, was able to approach him, which lead to the altercation. Now, it has been revealed in official court documents that the concert promoters are demanding that his countersuit be dismissed.

The company says that DaBaby “was actually with a security team of three as he approached the venue," and thus his claim in the countersuit that the inadequate security measures taken to protect him from the approaching fan is invalid. They believe that they are owed for the loss of business and profit, and that they are not at fault for the altercation as "the videotape of the events indicate that Kirk and his security team initiated the physical confrontation/altercation with the fan.”