How far are you willing to go for a bet? Thousands of people have made themselves in social media stars by doing insane stunts on camera, so DaBaby's friend didn't mind at least making a couple of stacks. In a video that's circulated online, the KIRK rapper challenges one of his friends to drink an entire gallon of spoiled milk for five grand. Those of you who have tasted, or even just smelled, rank expired milk know just how awful it can be, but the friend decided to give it a go.

DaBaby, Milk, Bet
Arnold Turner / Stringer / Getty Images

This is difficult to watch as the person fails to chug chunks of rotten milk, and after a bit of negotiating, DaBaby offered $2,500 for a half gallon. The bet still couldn't be completed even with less milk, so they settled for one cup for $1,000. Surprisingly, DaBaby's friend was able to pull that one off but it wasn't easy.

Not only were they able to get down one glass, but two, walking away with $2,000. Was it worth it? You'll have to ask them. You can check out the video below but be warned it's for a strong stomach only. Would you have taken this bet?