The legend of DaBaby, born Jonathan Kirk, continues to grow. The 28-year-old Charlotte rapper is at the top of his game, enjoying life as one of the most popular musical artists in the entire world. While it may seem as though he made it big overnight, the reality is that DaBaby has been inching away at the music business for years, finally earning his keep and beginning to write his legacy with the release of Baby On Baby last year. His concert rate has gone up tremendously in the last twelve months with his diehard fans paying high prices just to breathe the same air as the rapper. One woman in particular was celebrating her twenty-first birthday, bringing a sign to his show asking Baby to marry her as her gift. To her shock, he actually went through with it.

"For my 21st birthday my favorite rapper / 'husband' DaBaby took me up on stage at his concert, fake proposed to me and let me perform my favorite song with him while wearing his ring," wrote a female fan of DaBaby. She shared a minute of footage on her own social media account, which was then reposted by Kirk. Admitting that this moment basically "made her life," we can safely bet that no other concert experience will live up to this one.

DaBaby is out here making dreams come true. You love to see it.