Since the dawn of time, rappers have been getting their chain snatched. It's not like it's a rite of passage or anything but it's a frequent occurrence in rap circles, specifically. Some have managed to keep their jewelry intact while others are forced to call upon the powers that be to retrieve their belongings. 

A rapper named Lil Murden went on Instagram where he claimed to have retrieved a chain for DaBaby. As he held the BillionDollarBaby pendant to the camera, he said that this was the fourth time where he has had to get a chain back for a rapper. 

Apparently, this is cap. DaBaby slid in the comment section of FuciousTV's IG who posted Murden's video where he addressed the claim. "Fun Fact: Baby ever get a chain took, errybody dying. Even the messenger. Cute post tho thug. lol," wrote DaBaby before responding to other comments.

A few suggested that the chain belonged to former Billion Dollar Baby signee 704 Chop who sold the chain to get new ice. DaBaby agreed that was the likeliest situation. 704 Chain later denied that was the case while Lil Murden said that he has the receipts to prove that he did communicate with DaBaby's team.