It's been nearly two years since DaBaby's reign in the rap game began. Songs like "Suge" and "Baby On Baby" helped him become one of the hottest in the game but its songs like "Rockstar" that solidified that position. Despite being one of the most sought after rappers in the game, many have criticized his flow and how predictable it's become. It's a running joke that he's even acknowledged at one point in time.

Lisa Lake/Getty Images 

DaBaby took to Twitter over the weekend where he was called out by a fan who told him he "better switch your flow." DaBaby quickly pointed out that the individual tweeting him makes custom Pokémon cards with rappers on it, telling him, "Better switch yo life and quit playing with them pussy ass Pokémon cards." And while the individual clearly felt some type of way that DaBaby referred to him as a "pussy" for making Pokémon cards, the rapper still had some things to get off his chest.

"Y’all know dis flow Top 5 hottest in the game right now right ?" He reminded fans immediately afterward. "Y’all know this flow got Baby more dollars than instagram followers right?" he added.

DaBaby's spree of tweets began with his flow, though he started reflecting on his rise to fame, and the rumors that followed. In the past year, he's found himself at the center of plenty of controversies surrounding his love life, lawsuits, and more. Though he insists that he doesn't care about these false narratives that have followed him, he did acknowledge that he probably should.

"Past year I done sat back and let the internet think what they wanna think... mfs think I’m single, married, taken, a liar, cheater, fighter, killer, dealer, real nigga, lame, trap rapper, pop star, rockstar. I’ll let a MF think whatever," he tweeted. Check his tweets below.