North Carolina rapper DaBaby has settled yet another legal issue. Earlier this year, DaBaby reportedly came to an agreement with a model named Marjorie Guaracho who accused the rapper of "stealing her performance" during her two-second appearance in his "VIBEZ" music video. She said she was "shocked" to see the end concept and the visual made it look as if she "endorsed pornography." While that case has been tucked away, The Blast reports that DaBaby has also settled a lawsuit with a concert promoter who accused the rapper of skipping out on a performance after getting into an altercation with a fan.

DaBaby, Lawsuit, Concert Promoter, Settlement
Arnold Turner / Stringer / Getty Images

Last May, DaBaby was hired by Nothing to Something ENTertainment and was scheduled to perform at the Centro Night Club in Massachusetts. After having a scuffle with an overzealous fan outside, DaBaby was reportedly whisked away by his security team. The promoter sued DaBaby for $100K and the rapper bit back, filing a lawsuit of his own with accusations that the promotion company didn't provide adequate security. 

Nothing to Something ENTertainment denied DaBaby's allegations because they stated the rapper never alerted them that he arrived at the venue. He allegedly attempted to enter through the front door where fans are congregated rather than the back door of the venue where artists find their "dressing rooms and private areas to avoid interactions with fans." The details of the settlement remain unknown but this is one less lawsuit DaBaby has to worry about.