DaBaby is no stranger to run-ins with the law. In fact, just earlier this week, the "Rockstar" hitmaker was released from a Florida jail following his alleged involvement in a robbery. After a concert promoter failed to pay the $30k the rapper was promised upfront for a birthday event for Stunna 4 Vegas, DaBaby and his crew allegedly jumped the man and robbed him before dousing him in apple juice.

On Thursday night, the Charlotte native had another run-in with the law, this time being arrested on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for allegedly carrying a concealed handgun. Despite the run-in with law enforcement, DaBaby is assuring fans on social media that he's still getting to the bag regardless. 

According to reports, the rapper and his entourage were detained on Thursday for possessing loaded firearms after someone inside the Moncler store on the infamous celebrity-friendly strip called authorities. Later that night, however, the rapper shared a video via Instagram stories assuring fans he was more than okay. 

"Still on time for the meeting," he wrote on the video with a sarcastic nerd-face emoji. Despite the minor hiccup, the 29-year still managed to hit the studio with his crew, sharing a video of them cooking up in the studio just hours after the reported arrest.  

Right now, it is unclear if DaBaby will face more charges from the LAPD for carrying the concealed firearm, but we're glad he was able to escape spending time in jail this time around.

We'll keep you updated on the developments of the situation as more information becomes available.