The legal troubles involving DaBaby and a Los Angeles homeowner were first reported just over a week ago, and now more information about their encounter has surfaced, including a video. The Daily Mail got their hands on court documents filed by 64-year-old Gary Pagar, owner of the Runyon Canyon property that DaBaby and his crew reportedly rented for almost $44K. It's stated that Pagar was under the impression that the rapper and nine friends were staying at the property for a "private vacation." However, he learned that they were shooting a music video with upwards of 40 people and a film crew, and when Pagar interrupted them on set at his home, he was reportedly accosted.

DaBaby, Gary Pagar, Lawsuit, Assault, Attack
Brad Barket / Stringer / Getty Images

In a brief video released by the outlet, Pagar is seen confronting DaBaby and his team before a member of the rapper's entourage pushes him to the ground. Stunna 4 Vegas quickly jumps in and pushes the unnamed man off of Pagar as the homeowner finds his footing. DaBaby isn't seen touching anyone because he's inside of a vehicle at the time with Jake Paul, but Pagar accuses the rapper of getting out of the car to "taunt, threaten and punch" him—incidents that allegedly weren't captured on film.

Pagar also claimed that DaBaby "sucker punched" him and knocked out his tooth, took his cell phone, and issued threats against him if Pagar called the police. Pagar reportedly called DaBaby's bluff and contacted the authorities. The homeowner said that DaBaby and his crew fled the scene and left behind broken and defaced property. He's suing for $117,910.48. Check out the clip of the incident below.