DaBaby might be on his rockstar-ish these days but his sometimes frantic behavior has led to several lawsuits in the past. According to TMZ, he's facing yet another lawsuit over an alleged incident that took place in December 2019 in Beverly Hills. Cristofher Pocasangre filed a lawsuit against DaBaby, his management team and entertainment company after he alleged he was assaulted by the rapper. 

 Arnold Turner/Getty Images 

A video of the alleged assault circulated on the web showing a man that appeared to be DaBaby shoving an alleged hotel worker into a chair before waving his finger. The alleged victim said that the confrontation should be determined as assault, battery, and infliction of distress, among other claims. 

Pocasangre said that he tried to ask DaBaby for a picture when he was working at the Marrior in Beverly Hills. DaBaby denied him the request, though that didn't stop Pocasangre from trying to get a flick. Though the rapper was in the background, he demanded Pocasangre delete the photo. Pocasangre said he did in front of the rapper. Unfortunately, that didn't defuse the situation. DaBaby apparently followed him before shoving him against the wall.

DaBaby already addressed the situation, telling his side of the story. Though Pocasangre claimed that he deleted the photo on the spot, DaBaby initially denied this was the case. The rapper added that he only got physical and denied the phot because he was with his daughter and didn't want a fan to have pictures of her in his phone.

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