With the first day of spring upon us, we likely don't have to worry about the unnecessarily cold weather for much longer. Finally, temperatures are starting to warm up and it's almost ice cream season. According to Dairy Queen, we should all be starting to enjoy our beloved frozen desserts starting today because the chain is literally giving away cones for free to celebrate the beginning of spring. 

It's still pretty cold on the East Coast but if you've been craving a vanilla ice cream cone from Dairy Queen throughout the winter, today is your lucky day. Across the country, Dairy Queen locations will be participating in a giveaway, offering one free small vanilla cone for their annual Free Cone Day. The offer is limited to one cone per person while quantities last. 

In a statement issued by the executive vice president of marketing at Dairy Queen, Maria Hokanson said, "We love that our tradition of Free Cone Day has become synonymous with the return of warmer weather and bringing people together. We know the start of soft-serve season brings joy to our fans, and we can’t wait to help spread smiles."

According to Newsweek, Dairy Queen previously conducted a survey that proves that people are generally happier on Free Cone Day than on their birthdays. While we're not sure of the legitimacy of that claim, we can't turn down a free cone. Make sure your local DQ is participating today because mall locations and DQ Grill & Chill spots are excluded in the deal.