When you think about St.Patrick's Day, ice cream probably isn't the first thing on your mind. The celebration is usually reserved for drinking, green-colored foods, and bad decisions. Regardless, Dairy Queen is now getting into the St.Patrick's Day festivities this year thanks to a special they will have going down from now until March 17th. It's pretty simple really, just go into any Dairy Queen location and purchase a Blizzard. If you buy one, you can get a second for just 99 cents, according to the Thrillest. Sounds like a pretty great promotion right?

This latest promotion is pretty refreshing considering most brands tend to pander during St.Patrick's Day. This is typically done through disgusting looking green foods that have no business being that color. Even green beer becomes a thing which let's be honest, looks absolutely atrocious.

Dairy Queen will be getting into the green ice cream game though. The Blizzard of the month is Mint Oreo but luckily that isn't as bad as green hamburgers which will surely be served somewhere on the 17th.

It may be a little too early for ice cream but considering you'll probably be fighting a hangover, maybe a Blizzard will actually do some good.