Dak Prescott's older brother, Jace, passed away yesterday at the age of 31. As of right now, a cause of death has not been provided although it is clear that this loss is devastating for the Prescott family. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback lost his mother to cancer back in 2013 and since then, Jace has been one of his biggest supporters. This tragic news was announced last night through the Dallas Cowboys Twitter account.

Just last year, Prescott was able to shoot a Campbell's Chunky Soup commercial with Jace and at around the same time, Prescott spoke about his support system and just how much they mean to him.

"My brothers have always been champions," Prescott said. "Them along with my mom. So now, not having my mom and just having them two, they mean even more. Family is everything. It's what keeps me grounded when everything else is changing around me I know that's one thing that's always consistent and certain. I'm thankful for them."

This is certainly a hard time for Prescott right now especially with his contract negotiations with the Cowboys. For now, all football matters are secondary and we're sure Prescott will be taking his time to process everything that has happened.

Hopefully, Cowboys fans will continue to show him an outpouring of support.