Dak Prescott and his dog Icon have been in the news as of late due to the fact that both Icon and Prescott's other dog escaped his property on February 25th and made their way onto a neighbor's backyard. The Neighbor – Beth Taylor – alleges that Icon attacked her dog and when she went to break it up, Icon bit a part of her finger off. Icon was put in quarantine for 10 days but due to the severity of the incident, the dog has to remain in quarantine until a ruling is made on whether or not he's a dangerous dog. If Icon is in fact found to be dangerous, he could be euthanized.

TMZ Sports received the audio recording of Taylor's 911 call which is quite harrowing as she screams in pain after the incident.

"They've broken down my fence in my backyard and then they bit off my finger! The tip of my finger!" Taylor says. "I don't know if it's completely off. There's something partially there. It's like from mid-finger nail. It's still there I think. It's just one half on."

According to police, the hearing to determine the fate of Prescott's dog will go down on March 20th at the Frisco courthouse.