Dame Dash's distaste for Lyor Cohen has been well documented recently. The Roc-A-Fella co-founder called Cohen a "Culture Vulture"  and has been beefing with Funk Flex over whether or not Dame had any right to go after Cohen the way he did. Now Dame is clarifying his most recent Instagram post in which he shows Louis Farrakhan describing how Jewish people capitalize on black culture.

In the caption of the video posted on yesterday, Dame says "I’m not gonna stop till #liarcohen the culture vulture of this generation quits @youtubemusic or gives me a fair one," adding "no disrespect to anybody Jewish this dude doesn’t reflect a whole culture just the Jewish culture vultures just wanna be clear this is not a black or white thing it’s a mentality thing the black culture vultures are worst the then the white ones"

His post caught the eye of music entrepreneur Steve Rifkind, who sent Dame a text message making sure he understood that he shouldn't be lumping all Jewish people together. Dame then posted the message on Instagram saying:

"To be clear the #culturevulture does not represent all Jewish people but all good Jewish people should help get him out of here because he’s giving y’all a bad name...my message is love and self awareness and I’m anti slavery of the mind...I want piece not war awareness and respect will avoid the war let’s all evolve together"

While Dame acknowledged his friend, it's clear that his beef with Lyor Cohen isn't going to stop anytime soon.